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Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) services

Outsource your Monocyte Activation Testing to one of our GMP certified MAT service partners

Like any new assay, the process of lab set-up, storage, logistics, training, feasibility studies, method validation, product-specific validation and routine testing can prove challenging while trying to juggle the many other priorities on your plate.

We've got just the solution.

Best in class, GMP services.

Our leadership in the MAT field has meant we’ve built a network comprising some of the world’s leading Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certified MAT service providers who can take your MAT testing on for you.


Global, flexible, scalable.

With MAT Contract Research Organisation’s (CRO) and MAT Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) present and operating worldwide, our MAT service partners are positioned to respond rapidly to your microbiological testing needs wherever, and at whatever scale, they may be. 


Lightning fast and experienced.

What’s more, our MAT service centres promise the capacity and rapid turnaround needed to support ongoing quality and product release testing. The highly experienced teams of our MAT GMP certified service partners will provide the direction to ensure the delivery of your product development testing validations in preparation for your international regulatory submissions. 


"Based on long lasting experience in endotoxin and pyrogen testing, our service partners provide the knowledge, resources and skilled personnel needed to carry both routine and non-routine projects — so you won't have to."


Tailor fitted to your products.

While offering both standardized testing or specifically tailored studies, our MAT service partners will work with you to identify the most appropriate protocol for each parenteral product or medical device, based on its unique character and requirements from an international regulatory perspective. 


Rigged for submission success.

Their expertise of the current international guidelines (ISO, USP (ICH) and EP) and regular attendance and leadership in international working groups and congresses mean they can deliver comprehensive microbiology services to overcome any challenge and realise any opportunity ahead of you.

How do I get my MAT service project started?

1. You reach out to us.

Simply contact us through the contact form our website or by email via and we'll get in touch with you within a day or so to schedule an online meeting with you to get introduced and understand your specific testing requirements.

2. We'll make a plan.

Based on the information we gather during our first meeting, we'll go away with our service scientists to devise a specific testing plan. During this process, we will likely ask to have a mutual non-disclosure agreement signed so you can freely share specific product info with us as well as to have few samples of your product sent over to our labs.

3. You review (and hopefully approve).

Once we're confident we have a plan that will deliver you the highest likelihood of success, we'll walk through it with you over a call as well as an official quote for the services.​

4. We get going, fast.

Once we've received written approval for the quote, with your help in getting the samples over to the lab, you can expect us to start testing within a few weeks.

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