Pyrogen testing for life changing products

With an LoD of 0.004 EU/ml and batch sizes of up to 2,000 kits, MAT BioTech's Monocyte Activation Test (MAT) kit helps big pharmaceuticals develop and release life changing products, safely.

Test it all with MAT BioTech

Whether you produce parenteral drugs or medical devices, we'll provide you with the MAT kit and services you need to robustly test for all endotoxin and non-endotoxin pyrogenic contaminations. Release your products, safer than ever before.

Carry out your release testing using MAT

Use MAT to test your parenterals in the safest possible way at every batch release. One test for both endotoxins and NEPs.

Use MAT as a non-endotoxin pyrogen risk assessment

If you're using LAL or rFC as your release assay, the E.P. recommends MAT as the mandatory NEP risk assessment.

Outsource your testing to experienced MAT experts

Our network of GMP certified service partners have the MAT experience and know-how to save you time and resources.

"Our MAT kit and services help you transfer your release testing method to the new gold standard with little hassle, lightning fast."

In 2020 we've onboarded some of the largest pharmaceuticals worldwide to using our MAT kit. From capital expenditure planning, lab set-up, storage, logistics, training, product specific validation to finally routine testing – we'll support you every step of the way. 

We'll help you —

Test products with the very lowest contaminant limit concentrations

Our MAT kit's incredibly low LoD gives you the flexibility to use higher (and higher) dilution factors, until you find
the one that best manages your product's interfering factors.

Successfully overcome low endotoxin recovery (LER) effects

Firstly, thanks to our kit's high sensitivity and second, it's lesser susceptibility to LER effects than LAL or rFC.

Test every and any biological 

product out there

Where other assays (e.g. LAL or rFC) often stumble, our MAT kit excels when testing  products like vaccines that are complex, adjuvanted or intrinsically pyrogenic.

Release test thousands of product batches, all under consistent  conditions

Employing MAT usually means having to use different batches of PBMC across different releases of the same product. Our unrivalled capacity to produce up to 2,000 PBMC from the same donors mean those days are history.

We'll deliver results that others simply can't.


The lowest limit of detection

Increases your product's MVD, letting you overcome almost any stimulatory or inhibitory effects caused by interfering factors.

EU/ml LoD


The largest MAT kit batches

You'll always have consistent conditions across different trials, validation stages and batch releases.

Kits per batch


The longest MAT history

Call upon a team comprising the very first pioneers of MAT. Whatever your challenge, we've already seen and overcome it.

Years experience

"Since partnering with MAT BioTech, we've slashed the time, money and human resource allocated for validation and routine testing more than ever before"


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You'll be in 

good company.

Join some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world who partner with us for Monocyte Activation Testing. 

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