The best performing monocyte activation test kit available, anywhere.

20 years of experience and proprietary production methods mean our monocyte activation test (MAT) kit promises to be the most sensitive pyrogenicity assay with the most reproducible results across mass scales of up to 2,000 kits.


A monocyte activation test kit based on 4 donor pooled, cryopreserved PBMC.

Unlike Mono-Mac 6 cell line (MM6), this cell source is recommended by EP for both endotoxin and NEP detection. The unique way we pool the PBMC of our different donors means our PBMCs also mitigate risks of any donor variation in our monocyte activation test kit results.

Reactivity, sensitivity and reproducibility like you won't believe.

Highest reactivity & sensitivity

  • 0.5 EU/ml LPS can produce up to 10,000 Picogram/ml IL6.

  • The LLOD of the international endotoxin standard LSP E. coli is determined as (or equal to) 0.004 EU/ml​.

Highest intra-batch reproducibility

  • The diagram above visualises the standard curve across 4 vials from the same batch.

  • As illustrated, our MAT kit promises almost perfect reproducibility within each batch​.

Highest inter-batch reproducibility

  • The diagram above visualises the standard curve across vials from 3 different batches.

  • As illustrated, our MAT kit promises almost perfect reproducibility across each batch​.

2,000 kits per batch.

Unlike any other manufacturer, we provide market leading results across batches of up to 2,000 Monocyte Activation Test kits at a time. This owes to our robotised large scale production facilities. Such a scale is crucial in being able to ensure test samples undergo stable and consistent conditions across different trials and validation stages. 

How does our

monocyte activation test kit work?

Broadly, monocyte activation test kits simulate of the human immune systems response to pyrogenic contamination.
Specifically, a drug sample is incubated within human blood cells and If contaminated, pyrogens are recognized by the human monocytes TLRs and activate signaling pathways that launch immune and inflammatory responses and release cytokines. An IL-6 ELISA then is used as a readout to detect cytokine release.

Our monocyte activation test kit includes everything you

need to get started.

MAT Media A & B

Culture media to

dilute standards and products.

EDQM LPS E. coli

International endotoxin standard LPS


IL-6 ELISA kit

Contains all reagents, coated microplate and IL-6 standard.

PBMC vial

1 ml (5 million cells)

of cryopreserved

donor pooled PBMC.

96 well microplate

Culture plate for incubating product, standard and PBMC.

Our five star support team will be there, every step of the way.

Whether or not you're using our monocyte activation test kit, our support team would be happy to help you set-up your MAT lab to deliver robust and reliable results like never before.

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